little broccoli – making small green changes

Why we love Coconut Bowls

close up image of fresh green coconuts on the ground

Our first product always had to be the coconut bowl. Having spent a long time in South East Asia (think years not months) we became hooked on their simplicity and beauty. Smoothie bowls and buddha bowls have always been tropical brunch staples and often arrive in these beautiful handcrafted bowls. As soon as we had access to a kitchen we bought some for ourselves and from then every meal was served in a coconut bowl! We also discovered they are perfect for movie night snacks and look so cute on the table when having nibbles. We love cooking and sharing pictures with friends and family and it wasn’t long before people started asking about our coconut bowls and saying how much they’d love them at home!

brown coconuts laying on a wooden floor, some are cracked open and you can see the white flesh insideCoconut bowls don’t just look great but they are also eco-friendly. Many Vietnamese farms have a huge number of coconut trees and once the flesh and water have been harvested the shells are then destined for trash.  As there are few affordable agricultural waste schemes for small farmers, they would usually end up being burnt. Smoke pollution around burning seasons has a serious impact on air quality in many areas. Saving anything from the fire is awesome for the local environment. Plus, since we are now buying these discarded shells, extra income from what was previously rubbish is a welcome bonus for many families.

Top view of 2 fruity smoothie bowls and iced coffees on a wooden table. Served in little broccoli coconut bowls.How exactly are they made? Firstly, the shells are sorted and cut to size. As they are 100% natural, each shell is unique in shape and size but we still need to ensure they are all just right. The outer layers and any left-over flesh is removed by hand leaving a raw coconut shell. Next, both the inside and outside of the shell is gently sanded for a smooth and sleek finish. A generous, loving polish with organic coconut oil and the full transformation has taken place… we now have a  beautiful coconut bowl 🥥❤️

Fun fact… Did you know that there are over 2600 species of palm trees but only one of them produces coconuts?! Cool eh… 😎

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In this short story we will explain why we love coconut bowls so much! You will find out what inspired the first little broccoli product and how coconut bowls are making small green changes...
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