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Eco Friendly For Beginners

Are you still finding your feet in the world of sustainable choices? Our eco friendly guide for beginnnnners gives you quick and easy ways to become more sustainable at home. 

Happy Home. Happy Planet.

It is becoming easier and easier to adapt your weekly household shop and begin to incorporate more earth friendly product purchases. Whether you switch to bulk buying or begin to use more natural materials, we can all make small green changes at home.

Bulk buy your basics

A quick win is to simply find your household staples in larger sizes and buy your basics in bulk. Not only will you cut down on unwanted packaging you can also save money. An easy place to start is cleaning detergents and dried foods like rice and pasta. These items are often already available in major supermarkets in larger sizes. One of our favourite clean household brands, ecover have even launched a nationwide refill scheme! You can use their search tool to find your nearest station.

Repurpose glass at home

You should be looking for smart ways to repurpose items in your home such as glass. Did you know glass is 100% recyclable and can be endlessly recycled with no loss of quality? By simply recycling our glass we can reduce non-renewable fossil fuel usage! Surely it can’t get better than that?! Well, it can. Repurposing glass at home means that we find it a new use and it doesn’t even need to be recycled. We love these creative ways to reuse jars by rurualsprout including the cutest homemade terrarium.

Use natural cleaning materials

Switching to the use of natural cleaning materials helps to protect the environment. It’s no new news that we send over 15 million tons of rubbish to landfill in the UK alone EVERY YEAR. It may however be surprising to learn that some of the seemingly harmless products we use every day are big contributors. Did you know that almost all sponges and cleaning clothes sold in the UK are made from or contain plastic? Some of the countries most beloved cleaning sponges, microfiber, are just that. Microfibers of plastic destined for landfill. We’ve worked incredibly hard to produce a 100% biodegradable and compostable cleaning sponge with absolutely no nasties. We discovered than many cleaning sponges labeled as earth friendly often still included plastics in the glues that were used during production. The little broccoli natural cleaning sponge is made of loofah and wood pulp and stitched together with 100% cotton. Check them out here.

How are you making small green changes?

Have you got more ideas? We would love to hear from you! Tag us in your social media posts @thelittlebroccoli or drop us a comment below! 😊

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