little broccoli – making small green changes

little broccoli – our story

We want to tell you the story of how we became little broccoli. Our personal experiences have led us towards creating these earth-friendly products and we are going to explain why. How a love for travel and a desire to help heal all damage it causes sparked an idea.

Pamoramic views of Vietnamese ricefields

Protecting the environment and being conscious of our individual impact on the planet has become more of a focus for us in recent years. In many of the Asian countries we have visited there are a huge number of tourists pouring into villages, towns and cities everyday. More tourists means more consumption, and this on top of what locals are using each day means more waste. Especially plastic. With less education about things like land and air pollution and less infrastructure to help communities manage these issues on a local level, areas can soon become overflowing with garbage. Despite incredibly beautiful landscapes and beaches there is usually a pile of rubbish, possibly burning, not too far away.

It’s hard to avoid these issues when you can really see the negative impact they are having on the planet right in front of you. We decided that we wanted to stop contributing to the problem and eventually be part of a solution. Making small green changes to our daily habits was the first step. We started using refillable water bottles (saving money too!) and avoiding plastic bags. Using a motorbike helmet to carry veggies has happened many times and often gets a laugh from the ladies in the market! It didn’t take us long to realise that these small changes soon become habits and that if more people got involved we could make a real difference.

A traditional south Indian market stall selling lots of coconuts. The moustached male fruit seller looks directly at the camera.

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. We have seen amazing projects producing eco-focused products and lots of them help to provide education and jobs to local communities. We also picked up loads of great ideas from other people. Sometimes things they were doing to help be a little bit more environmentally friendly or things that they had picked up along the way.🌎

Having a little business that we could work on from home and even whilst travelling, was a niggling idea for both of us. Using our shared passion for all things earth friendly – especially things that are super functional (Ben) and super cute (Laura) together we decided to create little broccoli and share some of our eco-friendly finds! 🌱

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Why becoming more conscious of our individual impact on the planet led us to create little broccoli. Choosing to protect the environment is not an option for us, it became our mission.
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