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How to create an epic smoothie bowl

Learning how to create an epic smoothie bowl has never been so simple.Check out our top tips for the best breakfast EVER!

1. Get a little broccoli coconut bowl…Obviously!

That’s a pretty simple one but if you haven’t got yours yet, just click here

2. Freeze your fruits!

The key to a thick and creamy smoothie bowl is including some frozen fruits. It helps to get that ice-cream texture and make your bowl more spoonable and less drinkable! We suggest hunting in the reduced section of local markets or supermarkets for goodies. You can usually find bits that have been reduced in price, only because they need to be used soon. Once frozen they can last months! You can simply chop and freeze the fruits for quick blitzing whenever you like. Please don’t try to freeze whole, unpeeled fruits. It just doesn’t work. Of course, there are also many ready frozen fruit options available in supermarkets which are particularly good for out of season or tropical fruits and berries.

3. Don’t be scared of veggies!

Yep, you heard us right. Veggies! They’re such a great addition to your bowl not only adding fun colour but also lots of important nutrients. Think spinach, kale or courgette for yummy green goodness and even cooked pumpkin or sweet potatoes for the orange bowl of dreams. Oh, and don’t even get us started on if avocado is a fruit or vegetable… either way just add it! If you really can’t get your head round the idea of veggies in a smoothie bowl, just remember that you don’t need to use loads so there won’t be an overwhelming flavour but just enough to add some extra fibre and reduce the sugar.

4. Go over the top with your toppings!

Don’t forget to set a few pieces aside before you throw everything in the blender. A few slices of your favourite ingredients will look perfect on the top and add some texture to your bowl. Granola, oats, dried fruits and seeds are also all the ideal extras to add that bit of crunch. Some of our other favourites are nut butters, chia seeds and shredded coconut.

5. Take a photo and tag us!

Once you’ve loaded your coconut bowl with all the goodness, the only right thing to do is take some cute pics and upload them to Instagram, Facebook or your favourite social media site. Tag us @thelittlebroccoli and we will share your post.

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