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Bamboo – a growing trend

Now you know why we love coconut bowls we are back to spread our love for bamboo – a growing trend! Two of our latest products, the little broccoli bamboo cutlery set, and our bamboo straws are made of… you’ve guessed it… BAMBOO! We think the best way to get you interested in this wonder material is by sharing some interesting facts about bamboo.

close up shot of green bamboo forrest

World record holding bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet – it has a place in the book to prove it! 🏆 It’s actually part of the grass family and some of the 1500 species can grow up to 90cm in a single day. We are glad our grass doesn’t grow that quickly…

Super sustainable bamboo is what is considered a ‘renewable resource’. This means that once it is harvested it will continue to grow from the root that is left behind. 🌱 It doesn’t require any chemicals or pesticides to grow and is so versatile that grows in a variety of different places around the world. There is even a bamboo forest in France!

Oxygen production that beats most trees? Yes, you heard it right. Bamboo releases about 30% more oxygen than trees! This means that it is awesome at helping to reduce greenhouse gases and making the air we breathe cleaner.

Natural antibacterial properties mean that bamboo is the perfect material for kitchen and tableware. The plant contains a substance called ‘bamboo kun’ which can prevent and eliminate over 70% of bacteria.

Bamboo straws with little broccoli logo in front of pool

Invincible… kind of… Now although we don’t suggest you try to blow up any of our amazing bamboo products, bamboo itself can certainly handle extreme conditions. Not only is it stronger than steel 💪resisting pressure of 28,000 psi, it was also the only plant to survive the 1945 atomic explosion in Hiroshima.

So… Are you in love yet? Great! Time to check out our latest products, the bamboo cutlery set and the upcomming little broccoli bamboo straw set.

Let’s keep on making small green changes!

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Let's share some incredible facts about this wonder material. From super sustainability to bomb proof properties no wonder bamboo is a growing trend and a resource of the future.
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