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Natural & Eco-Friendly Products

Our zero waste online shop offers natural and eco-friendly products for a sustainable lifestyle. Say no to single use, avoid plastic and enjoy beautiful products designed by nature. Together, we can make small green changes!


little broccoli promotes a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. Our earth-friendly products focus on encouraging others to join us on our journey by making small green changes.
The bowl is full of granola, seeds and dried fruits. There are crumbles and seeds all over the table.

Coconut Bowls

Premium quality coconut bowls designed by nature and handmade with love. Made from reclaimed coconut shells, you can enjoy your meal knowing you are supporting the environment with every bite! 100% sustainable, plastic free and biodegradable. Read more...

A close up image of a womans hands holding 2 loofan and cellulose biodegradable washing up sponges. You can see the natural texture of the loofah.

Loofah Cleaning Sponge

Biodegradable loofah kitchen sponge made from 100% natural materials. Super absorbent and long lasting, you will never use harmful plastic sponges again. Washing up can now be a move towards a more sustainable future. Read more...

A natural colour bamboo cutlery pouch is open on the table and the cutlery set lays on top. There is a green pouch in the background.

Bamboo Cutlery

Eco-friendly bamboo cutlery made from the worlds most sustainable plant. Perfect for lunch on the go or at picnics and festivals. Carry your own reusable utensils and say no to single use plastic. Durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Read more...

A painted wall with the text REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE. There are ocean creatures and flowers around the words.

little broccoli - our story

How a dream of offering sustainable, natural and eco-friendly products became reality.

Protecting the environment and being conscious of our individual impact on the planet has become a goal for us in recent years. Using our shared passion for all things earth friendly – especially things that are super functional and super cute together we decided to create little broccoli and share some of our eco-friendly favourites. Continue reading…

Vegan Recipe E-Books

Get an exclusive vegan recipe ebook with your order

Our collections of vegan recipes are perfectly designed for enjoying your meals from our coconut bowls or on the go. Simple and easy to follow, they’re full of flavour and packed with healthy ingredients.


Wether you’re a cooking pro or new to the kitchen, we are sure you’ll love these creative vegan recipes.

A close up image of a man and a woman preparing a plant based meal on a wooden surface. There is a mobile phone and a tablet on the counter top.

Coconut Bowls

Perfect for your home or as a gift

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