little broccoli – making small green changes


A London born, animal loving, sun worshiper. Wandering around the world eating all the feel good foods. Always up for a coffee and some yoga. Having committed so much to travelling and exploring our planet its time for me to give something back.

worms eye view of bamboo with green leaves at the top and a break of bright sunlight through the canopy

Bamboo – a growing trend

Let’s share some incredible facts about this wonder material. From super sustainability to bomb proof properties no wonder bamboo is a growing trend and a resource of the future.

Two coconut bowls containing creamy smooties topped with fresh kiwi figs apples peanut butter and small pink flowers. Image appears on a marble background

How to create an epic smoothie bowl

Our top tips for the best breakfast EVER! Creating an epic smoothie bowl has never been so easy 😋 Amazing textures and flavours plus perfect presentation.

Flat lay image of a bar of coconut soap, coconut spoons, coconut oil and coconuts containing coconut shavings.

Care Tips for your Coconut Bowl

Show your coconut bowl some love! In this post we share our tips and tricks to help make sure your bowl stays in perfect shape.

natural coconuts on the white sand beach with the ocean in the background

Why we love Coconut Bowls

In this short story we will explain why we love coconut bowls so much! You will find out what inspired the first little broccoli product and how coconut bowls are making small green changes…

A painted wall with the text REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE. There are ocean creatures and flowers around the words.

little broccoli – our story

Why becoming more conscious of our individual impact on the planet led us to create little broccoli. Choosing to protect the environment is not an option for us, it became our mission.